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Available Services

"The Basic Blow Dog"

A basic bath with all natural, premium, bio-degradable shampoo and conditioner.  Includes a vanilla blueberry tearless facial, blow out, brushing, and choice of scent.

Toy dog:  $20  |  Small dog:  $25   |   Large dog:  $35

"The BBD and Nails"

The Basic Blow Dog with nail trim and grinding.

Toy dog:  $30   |   Small dog:  $35   |   Large dog:  $45

"The All Inclusive"

The Basic Blow Dog, vanilla blueberry tearless facial, nail trim and grinding, sanitary trim, paw pads shaved, paw massage oil and choice of scent.

Toy dog:  $40   |   Small dog:  $45   |   Large dog:  $55

Just the Nails


Additional Brushing

For the extra furry and abundantly under-coated guests.


"The Big Finish" Scents

(Included with your wash) Your choice of:


Vanilla, Lavender, Mint, or "New Dog Smell"

Seasonal Scents also available

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